Our Approach at Toussaint L’Ouverture High School

Our Students.

TLHS students are comprised of mainly new immigrants with little English Language ability upon entry, they benefit from being placed in groups according to their linguistic ability level (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5).* Differentiation at TLHS primarily applies to the different levels of linguistic ability; instruction is differentiated through small groups within each level as well. Differentiation will be more clearly seen between groups and levels than within each Language Arts or Reading classroom.

How we do it.

TLHS utilizes the Scope and Sequence for Language Arts & Reading as well as for all core subjects to integrate the teaching of all standards at all levels for all students across the curriculum in order to prepare students for the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), FCAT Reading Retake, and/or the ACT.

The Scope and Sequence for Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics reflect the order in which each standard on the District’s Scope & Sequence is appropriate to be taught to our ESOL students in order to prepare them for the End-of-Course (EOC) exams.

In order to increase instructional time available to students in ESOL levels 1 & 2, these students are made exempt from Reading & Writing FSA Diagnostic testing, which coincides with the one year exemption from EOC testing available to sheltered students. However, students will not be exempt from Diagnostics in EOC assessments.

The Language Arts & Reading curriculum are integrated except for Level 5 students. That is, our Literature-Based Approach to Reading and Language Comprehension research based reading curriculum and holistic reading in the classroom are woven into and throughout the Language Arts curriculum. All students at ESOL Levels 1-4 are provided with 100 minutes of Language Arts and/or Reading every day. Non-ESOL Students (Level 5) who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in Reading are also given 100 minutes of Intensive Reading instruction every other day in addition to their 100 minutes of Language Arts on alternate days. Level 5 (Non-ESOL) students who have demonstrated Reading proficiency are exempt from the Intensive Reading requirements. Instruction emphasizes reading comprehension, writing fluency, and vocabulary through the use of a variety of literary and informational texts encompassing a broad range of text structures, genres, and levels of complexity.

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