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Transportation Goals and Expectations

Our transportation goal is to provide safe, efficient student transportation to and from school and school related activities. According to Florida Statutes 1002.33 section 20 (c): Transportation of charter school students shall be provided by the charter school consistent with the requirements of subpart I.E of chapter 1006 and s. 1012.45. A disbursement, equal to the amount that has been allocated to the school by the State’s Full Time Enrollment Program (FEFP) for transportation, will be distributed to students on a monthly basis. Either by: Providing cash to purchase passes for transportation; or by students receiving a 31-day discounted PalmTran pass directly from TLHS.

If a student at TLHS is required to be provided transportation, a 31 day Palm Tran pass may be provided to those who have completed the requirements for the Palm Tran Discount Program*. All students receiving a Discount Program* 31 Day Palm Tran pass will be required to sign for his/her pass at the time it is received. In order to receive a new pass, the student must return the old pass. If the student loses his/her pass it is their responsibility to purchase another pass at the full fare price. TLHS distributes these passes under PalmTran’s authority and does not have the right to waive any of these rules. Those who do not qualify for the Discount Program* or those who have not completed the required paper work to be enrolled in the discount program will be provided an allocation equal to the amount that has been dispersed to the school by the State’s FEFP funding program for transportation. Additionally, the school may approve or deny (on a case-by-case basis and upon the availability of funding and requirement of need) additional funding to purchase a TriRail commuter pass for those who commute from the western or northern areas Palm Beach County. 

TLHS will not allow transportation to be a barrier to equal access for any student residing within reasonable distance of the school. The term "reasonable distance" shall be defined in accordance with the rules of the State Board of Education. 

Exceptional Students: Any student with special needs will use the same transportation as their neighborhood peers. Students with special needs include students in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs, students with disabilities. Neighborhood transportation routes will always be considered first, regardless of a student's exceptionality, disability, or special need, if the student lives within the regular attendance zone of his/her assigned school, and doesn't require special transportation provisions. The state's two-mile walking rule often applies to students with special needs in the same manner as those students without special needs. Transportation as a related service is only provided to students who receive services in an Exceptional Education (ESE) program when the need is documented on the individual education plan (IEP) for that student, and reviewed annually. Transportation as an accommodation may be provided for a student with a disability or a documented "504 Plan". 

PalmTran Ridership Safety and Conduct 

High Standards for Student Conduct on PalmTran
TLHS expects all of its students who utilize the PalmTran system for transportation to abide by all rules as state in the Bus Rules link above. By accepting the PalmTran pass from the school, each student agrees to abide by the PalmTran Rules. Since 2004, TLHS students have utilized the public transportation system to get to and from school; and has never had any disciplinary issues regarding a TLHS student riding PalmTran. Therefore, we continue to hold our students to the highest standards for student conduct while on public buses. 

For more information about transportation please contact Mr. Joseph at 561-703-9707.