Mackenson Bernard, Board Chair P: 561-376-1089 E: mackbernard84@gmail.com

Parental Representative:

The TLHS Board of Directors has appointed its Board Chair, Mackenson Bernard, as its Parent Representative to facilitate parental involvement. Mr. Bernard is available to provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns, and resolve disputes.

Parent Grievance Policy: 
Concerns & Guidelines for Resolving School-Related Problems:

It is our belief that the large majority of misunderstandings and problems can be resolved through discussion between the parent/guardian and the teacher and/or appropriate school personnel. These guidelines are designed to provide a step-by-step process for parents when they are attempting to resolve an issue.

  1. You should make every effort to gather accurate facts before contacting the school. It may help to have the concern described in writing. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction after meeting or talking with the teacher you should go to the next step.

  2. Call the principal of the school. Ask him/her to establish a conference with the appropriate person at a mutually agreeable time.

  3. Schedule a conference with the principal. If you have exhausted all possibilities at the school level, the principal will advise you of the appropriate person to contact, such as a member of the Board of Directors, whose names and contact information are listed on the school website.

  4. We have found that when these steps are followed that most concerns are satisfactorily resolved at step one. The other steps are provided for you as additional means of resolving your problems or concerns. Misunderstandings will more likely be resolved if they are approached in a positive and courteous manner with recommendations that are realistic. 

    Your school staff is here to do the best job possible with your student. We can provide many educational opportunities, but it is done best when we work together.

Add an Item to a Board Agenda:

Parents may add an item to a board agenda by contacting Diane Allerdyce at 561-414-5464 or by email at diane.allerdyce@toussaintlouverture.org. Please see our Board of Directors page for up-to-date information on meeting dates and times. 

Register a Complaint:

Parents may register a complaint may do so by contacting our Parent Involvement Representative and Board Chair, Mackenson Bernard. He may be reached by calling the school at 561-414-5464 or by e-mail at mackbernard84@gmail.com

Notice to Parents/Guardians & Students:

We participate in computer-based and paper based testing. All students who will be participating in computer based assessments will have an opportunity prior to testing to participate in a sample computer-based assessment. 

For information about Testing please contact Principal Mandy Freedman at 561-376-1089 or for Spanish or Creole contact Walner Joseph, Assistant Principal at 561-703-9707.

Abbreviations Reference:

FSA - Florida Standards Assessment
FCAT - Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
CELLA - Comprehensive English Language Learner Assessment
EOC - End-of-Course
PSAT - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

Upcoming Tests:

Assessment Data:

The school reports its student assessment data to each parent or guardian of a student; as well to its Governing Board. Assessment results are sent home with the student unless otherwise noted here. 

For information about Assessment Data please contact Principal Mandy Freedman or for Spanish or Creole speakers, contact Assistant Principal Walner Joseph.

School Accountability Report (SPAR) Report:

TLHS receives Commendable rating from Florida Department of Education for its School Improvement Rating! 

For more information and to view our accountability report please click here. 

Click to view information about our School Improvement Rating on the FLDOE's AYP site. School Improvement Rating 

Please also find below a copy of the SPAR letter sent home in September.

Pupil Progression Plan and Accountability Measures:

What is High School Accountability Measures?
High school Accountability measures provide you the information in regards to the requirements that students need to complete in order to graduate and receive a high school diploma. Some students may have alternative status while completing their high school diploma, i.e. adult education, ESE, ESOL, etc. The following link will provide the answers to questions regarding graduation requirements for various tracks.
Click here to view High School Accountability Measures

School Policy & Rules

All food and drink (including chips, candy, gum, snacks, or sodas) are strictly prohibited during class time. These items must be put away and kept in backpacks or checked in at the threshold of each classroom. Food items may be consumed only during non-instructional time. If they are consumed, seen, or heard, they may be confiscated and may be returned at the end of the class.Students are permitted a bottle of water at their desks. 

SDPBC Code of Conduct

Toussaint L'Ouverture High School for Arts & Social Justice follows the School District of Palm Beach County's Student Code of Conduct along with the policies found in the TLHS Student Enrollment Packet.